The 2018 Krugerrand 1 Oz Silver Coin is, like many collector coins, simply beautiful. Its design is straighforward and when you hold it you can't help but be mezmerised.

On the front is a South African Springbok (the national animal), looking like it's about to take off on a run or take one of its signature leaps into the air, while on the back (or obverse side) is Paul Kruger, South Africa's first president.

The front also carries the year, the weight and the face value while the back has the country name in both English and Afrikaans.

2018 Krugerrand - MS 70 1 oz Fine Silver -South Africa- First Week Struck Front
2018 Krugerrand - MS 70 1 oz Fine Silver -South Africa- First Week Struck Backside

Note: Until I get either a magical camera or set up some proper lighting, it is almost impossible to take pictures of coins that are encased in plastic without having them reflect every piece of light in the room.

Anyway, here's some facts and figures about this coin.

2018 Krugerrand 1 Oz Silver Coin Facts

Year Of Issue


Country Of Isssue

South Africa


South African Mint

Face Value

1 Rand

Coin Weight

1 Troy Ounce

Metal Purity


The silver Krugerrand was only released in 2018 (August 1st) and until then the only Krugerrands you could get were the gold Krugerrands which were first introduced in 1967.

This meant that Krugerrands, otherwise inaccesible to the average collector, were now available and the uptake has been stellar to say the least. 

To hold one of these beauties is to feel privelged. I don't know exactly how many of them were minted (I'll endeavour to find out) but they have become a collector's coin that is much sought after. 

If you want to learn more about why it's important to hold precious metals as an asset go here

Legal Tender

This coin is legal tender in South Africa and the coins are struck in one continuous press which gives the coins a smooth shiny lustre. The coins have a 99.9% purity and are classified Brilliant Uncirculated (BU).

I picked this coin up through my 7K Metals Membership as part of my Autosaver program. 

2018 Krugerrand 1 oz Silver Coin Sizes And Design

This coin has a diameter of 38.7mm and a thickness of 2.84mm so it's a fairly solid looking coin. The edge design is what's called a "reeded" design and gives the coin a good "edge feel" if that's the right word.

The designers of the coin are Otto Shultz (obverse side) and Coert Steynberg (reverse side).

1-ounce-silver-2018 krugerrand-front-back-coins

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this coin (although I love all of them really). The simplicity and clean lines of the coin make it very attractive and I'm more than happy to have it in my collection.

If you're collecting coins then look for gradings of MS or PF graded for best holding and resale value. The prices will reflect the grading status.

About the Author Aaron Parker

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