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About me. Why I love affiliate marketing, SEO, precious metals, bushwalking and other things that make me tick.

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Hey, There's This Thing Called The Internet...

Way back in the dark ages (1986), I was doing a Bachelor of Business Degree (Communications and Information Management) and we were learning how to program computers using a language called Pascal. Part of the course involved linking to systems outside of whatever program we were writing.

This is gripping stuff I know, but bear with me.

As we were faffing about trying to get things to work our lecturer suggested we link to the Ford Motor Company in the United States (we were in Australia at the time). We had to code this huge string of text, numbers, dashes and special characters and when it was finished we hit enter...

And then went to lunch.

Not really, but we could have because many moons later we saw on our screens one of the parts of a Ford car. We had accessed the Ford company via this thing called the internet.

We were astounded.

The lecturer told us the search went via Australia, out to Japan, then any number of different countries until it finally made its way into the Ford company and back again to produce the image we were looking at (a schematic drawing - not even any colour - boring). But oh, weren't we amazed. 

I was hooked on "the net" from that day onwards.

The Places I've Been, The Things I've Done

Aaron Parker AffiliateBitz.com Owner High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

My love affair with computers and the internet has taken me all over the world (well, almost anyway) as I've followed systems, people, money and just plain fun as a result of doing "stuff on the net".

I've had e-commerce sites (not my favourite), affiliate sites, played with MLM's, done search engine optimisation (SEO), which is about 50% of the main work I do these days outside of high ticket affiliate marketing and of course, I'm usually the one called on by friends and family to help them with that "little computer problem" they're currently having.

I've come to learn that having a website and making a living from it, especially in the affiliate marketing field, is best done when every single aspect of your business has an affiliate component. So every piece of software I use now, is also something I can sell because I am always getting asked "what do you use for that?", where "that" could be almost anything.

So down below is a quick overview of what I promote.


Firstly, landing page software (or website creation software) such as Thrive Themes and Groove


Affiliate training software of which my favourite is SAS Affiliate (no longer available - looking for an alternative). If I find a better one I'll let you know.


Gold and precious metals cash and IRA investment companies.


Other business software such as Autoresponders, Messenger Marketing Programs (Chatmatic) and Cloudways Hosting.

And It's Not Always Just About Me

Looking From Mount Coolum About Me

Looking At Maroochydore From Mount Coolum

Robin on O Cebreiro About me

Robin trudging up O'Cebreiro in Spain

As you can see from the photos above, when I'm not doing my online thing I'm doing my outdoors thing. And it's not always just about me. My partner and best friend Robin is usually right there beside me. 

I love to walk (although my feet continue to complain about it) and so I'm either at the beach, walking on the beach, walking up mountains or in the bush, or as the photo on the right shows (that's Robin by the way) walking across countries like Spain (this was on The Camino Frances).


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My Three Favourite Affiliate Products

Thrive Themes Suite Affiliate Marketing Programs

Thrive Themes

In my opinion, the best all-round website and landing page building software on the market. Constantly ahead of the curve and with beautiful templates and features that stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Groove Affiliate Program Logo Image


As an alternative to Thrive, Groove comes pretty close in terms of an all-round suite of tools for any business or affiliate marketer (or e-commerce for that matter). Built on a non-wordpress environment and hosted by super fast Amazon servers.

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Direct messenger marketing on Facebook and Instagram is the wave of the future without a doubt. Chatmatic helps you to make message sequences that talk dierctly to your potential customers.