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Three Of The Best

Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

This site is built on it. Awesome suite of software with high paying, recurring affiliate program.

Secrets of Success

If you're a motivational book lover then this program is right up your alley. New from Russell Brunson and Justin Benton. It's blowing up.

Groove Affiliate Program

An alternative suite of programs if you don't want to use wordpress. Has free entry option.

Why These Programs?

All the software and programs listed on this page serve two purposes. The first is to use as the basis of your business systems. The second is to make money from them through affiliate commissions.

You won't find a never ending list of affiliate programs here. You'll only find ones that are USEFUL and will actually make you money...BECAUSE they are useful.

I've never understood why people build websites and use software and THEN add on an affiliate product to generate sales (aka the classic Amazon style affiliate business). All that work for such low affiliate commissions.

Why not make sure that every single piece of software you use ALSO has an affiliate program attached so that you can both use it AND make money from it. Makes perfect sense to me.

So this page lists all the software I personally use to run my business and that I make money from.  And if you do the same...then you can too.

Prime High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform has become my go-to program for affiliate marketing simply because it has absolutely everything you need all in one place. But more than that, most of the product selection and marketing material has been done fo you too. Now I can control everything in one place and get stuff done FAST.


Website & Landing Page Builders

Thrive Themes Suite Affiliate Marketing Programs


My absolute favourite website and landing page building suite of programs. It's so much more than just a page builder and the affiliate program pays a generous 50% commission on sales. Each component of the suite can be marketed separately if desired and the retention rate for recurring commissions is measured in years. 


Formerly known as GrooveFunnels, Groove is a non-wordpress platform comprising page builders, email marketing, video hosting, membership sites and 11 other programs (many in beta) that is designed to give you every software platform you need fo a business. Similar to Thrive, it can be marketed separately. It will soon be moving to a monthly recurring model. Commisions start at 20% for the free version and 40% for the paid.

Groove Affiliate Program Logo Image

Gold IRA Affiliate Marketing Programs

The affiliate marketing programs involving Gold IRA's are an extremely lucrative option for high ticket affiliate marketers. One thing to note however is that most of the actual IRA and precious metals products themselves are restricted to United States residents only.

You have to ensure that you DO NOT market these products to non-USA residents.

There are also specific requirements regarding disclosure that is laid down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) but as long as you adhere to those and don't engage in any nefarious or duplicitous means of promotion it can be a lucrative market to be an affiliate in.

To get more information on the gold programs that I prefer to promote, and links to the affiliate sign up pages, click the button below.

Business Systems And Programs

Secrets of Success Logo


The Secrets of Success Affiliate commissions are 40% on Tier 1 and 10% on Tier 2. That means anyone you invite who also becomes an affiliate makes you money as well as any sales commissions you make on your own. This is a unique program. Designed for the self-improvement/motivational book loving fraternity (otf which their are millions), it's got rare products (books etc) that you just can't get anywhere else. 


Active Campaign is my autoresponder of choice, mainly because it does everything I need an autoresponder to do, without making it difficult to do it. Some autoresponders are simply not intuitive whereas Active Campaign can be set up and used immediately. The affiliate program pays out up to $100 for each new referral.

Active Campaign Logo


Where possible I host all the wordpress websites I build on Cloudways. It's a super quick system that takes away the C-Panel bloat often present in other systems. Their affiliate program is tiered. As you bring in more sales the commissions increase, starting from 1-5 sales at $50 per sale. They also have a percentage based payment system for aggressive affiliates. They are constantly running campaigns where you can increase your commission amounts and they supply all the marketing banners required.   

Cloudways Website Hosting Logo


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of receiving commissions from the sale of products that are owned by other people or companies. Company A owns a product. You become an affiliate of the company. You sell the product. You receive a percentage commission of the total sale amount.

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High ticket is usually equated with high selling price. So if the affiliate products you sell have a sale price of many thousands of dollars, then that is considered a high ticket affiliate product.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is what a company creates in order to have its products sold through affiliates. The program might designate specific items such as the commission rate, when sales are paid out, what type of advertising is allowed or not allowed, the terms and conditions of refunds and returns and the duration of the affiliate cookie that applies to you as the affiliate.

What Is An Affiliate Cookie?

An affiliate cookie is a piece of code that is attached to your affiliate membership details that ensures you are the one attributed for the sale of a product. A cookie will often have an expiry date, for example, 2 years, and can sometimes apply to a single product, or a range of products depending on the desires of the company.

Can You Make Money As An Affiliate?

There is never a guarantee that you will ever make money as an affiliate or in any other sales for that matter. It depends on many factors such as your committment, the product, the price, how you market the product, where you market the product and other factors like supply and demand and even the company's ability to stay in business. 

Do I Need A Website To Be An Affiliate?

Yes and no. There are as many ways to market affiliate products as there are affiliate products. However, having a website is a good way to build your reputation as an affiliate marketer and also to provide an easy means to promote company products and services. So no, you don't need a wesbite, but having one can help.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legitimate?

Yes. People have been affiliate marketing for centuries. It is a recognised and credible way to sell products and make an income both for the affiliate and for the company involved.

Can I Lose Money In Affiliate Marketing?

Of course. You can lose money in any manner of selling or business. There are no guarantees when it comes to marketing either online or offline. You have to approach affiliate marketing as a business and act accordingly. Read this in-depth article on affiliate marketing pros and cons for more information.

Disclosure: We are required by the FTC to remind you that the content on this website does not constitute financial advice and should not be taken as such. Always do your own research before making an investment decision. The owners of this webite may be paid to recommend gold ira products and gold companies as well as other affiliate companies and products. The content on this website, including both positive and negative reviews may not be independent or neutral.

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