GrooveSell Review 2021 - Is It Worth It?

In this GrooveSell Review 2021, we are going to investigate what GrooveSell is and whether GrooveSell is the right type of software for your business. 

What Is GrooveSell?

GrooveSell Review Computer And Phone

GrooveSell is the digital marketing platform/application within the Groove™ (formerly GrooveFunnels) software suite.

 GrooveSell is an application specifically designed for the storage and delivery of digital products, such as e-books, courses and essentially, anything downloadable.

It is also the "holding area" for all your digital items that you may deliver through the GrooveMember application and various other applications within the Groove environment.

Originally, you just stored "stuff" there, now it's integrated across the board, which has both good and bad features in my opinion. We'll get to those later. But here's a quick overview of what it can do:

  • It can connect to multiple payment systems
  • It has a built-in order bump option
  • It can be used to create sales funnels
  • You can sell multiple products or individual products
  • It integrates with all Groove applications

What Is Included In GrooveSell?

There are 6 main sections to the GrooveSell application, with each section having a number of sub-sections depending on the section header. For example under Reporting, there is Reports and Transactions.


The Home tab shows you your vendor report for any date period you set. It includes, sales, rebills, commissions, refunds and earnings-per-click of your products plus the projected revenues and unique visitor numbers.

Product Funnels

The Funnels tab enables you set up your products, and the sales funnel it lives in. You can also set up partner contracts and revenue distributions.


The Affiliates tab enables you to manage affiliates and payouts both on a first and second teir level as well as look at performance and payment history details.


The Customer tab is similar to the reporting tab and gives you a more in-depth look at your customer transaction data and contact details. You can also view and export the data including or excluding free transactions and cart abandons.


The Reporting tab gives you an in-depth look at your sales figures and customer transaction data, plus enables you to export the data into csv files for deeper analysis.


This is where you find forms, tracking links, leader boards and coupons that you can use in your products and affiliate programs.

Special Note: Your own products can be added to the Groove Marketplace for others to sell, and the settings tab is where you set up payment and tax information.

Groovesell Review 2021 Home Layout

How To Use Groovesell

GrooveSell is developing all the time. Originally it was just a place to create digital products, like books and images, but it's now integrated across the other Groove applications like GrooveMember and GrooveAffiliate so that you can create entire digital sales funnels that can have multiple payment options and full online checkout facilities.

It doesn't work like an e-commerce shopping cart. That's what you'd use GrooveKart for. But it's now a very sophisticated and versatile digital marketing platform. It also integrates with Paypal, Stripe, some other payment gateways, Zapier and Pabbly, and of course its internal connectivity with Groove is ever-increasing.

You essentially start by creating a product on GrooveSell, and then, by using the creation wizard available, you extend the functionality of that product by adding things such as order bumps and online order forms, and also by adding the products into a GrooveMember area or a GrooveAffiliate program.

Groovesell Dashboard Groovesell Review

Product Creation

Groovesell is now the place to create and store all the saleable or membership products that you use throughout the rest of the Groove system.

Single And Rebill Products

You can set up your products to be either single purchase items, or rebilled items for things like membership sites or monthly subscription products.

Product Bundles

If you sell multiple products as a bundle, then you can do that with Groovesell too. This lets you create multiple price options as well.

Affiliate Programs

You can attach affiliate options to your products and connect that through the Groove Affiliate platform so that you c monitor and control your affiliate sales.

GrooveSell Pricing

What Does GrooveSell Cost?

There are currently 2 main ways to get Groovesell. A Free way and a paid way. The free way is by becoming a free member of Groove™, and the paid way is by getting unlimited lifetime access to the entire Groove™ system which is currently $1,397.00 USD as a one-time payment, never pay again option.

The paid option includes any additional modules or features that get added over time, for the lifetime of the system. Since August of 2020, 7 bonus applications and 3 services have been added which lifetime members get at no extra cost.

Cost Comparison Between GrooveSell And Other Systems

GrooveSell is one of the applications within the entire Groove™ system, so it doesn't sell as an application of its own.

When you get GrooveSell, you also get either 6 additional applications if you get the free version or 16 additional applications if you get the paid version.

In the graphic below, you can see that if you got GrooveSell for free you would be getting a system that you would pay $2,388 per year for, if you had the equivalent system with Samcart (for example).

If you got GrooveSell with the paid plan, you would not only get GrooveSell, but all the other software for $1,397 (one-time payment) which would otherwise cost you around $17,000 per year with equivalent systems.

GrooveSell Price Comparison Table

The only difference between the GrooveSell free option and the paid option is that your emails to customers and your cart abandon emails in the free version are limited to transactional emails only.

Emails to affiliates are unlimited in both versions.

GrooveSell Features Groovesell Review

To learn more about the Groove™ system in general and how GrooveSell might integrate with the rest of the platform, go to our GroovePages Review page.

Benefits Of GrooveSell Digital Sales Platform

Multiple Sales Methods

GrooveSell allows you to set up single product, multiple product and upsell and downsell sale methods.

Bundled Products

In GrooveSell you can take single products and create a new bundled product to increase sales potential.


GrooveSell integrates with Groove applications to create a complete sales and follow up system.

GrooveSell Vs Samcart Comparison

The following comparison with Samcart is designed to highlight the main differences and similarities between the two systems and is not designed as a full in-depth comparison.

You can find many comparisons between these two systems online. The purpose here is to enable you to gain a quick overview only to assist you with your decision making or to prompt further investigation.

You'll notice that both products provide almost identical features, but the main difference is that GrooveSell can be accessed for free. The lowest price for Samcart is $49 per month.

To be fair however, Samcart is an in-built integrated system so that the page builder for example, is built into the system. It also has a number of other features over and above the digital product platform.

With Groove, your page builder is within the Groovepages app (which you also get for free with GrooveSell).

GrooveSell Features

  • Front end and back end product capability  
  • Can create multiple price points for each product
  • Can create recurring and installement payments
  • Multiple payment options and load balancing
  • Comprehensive affiliate management
  • Customizable checkout pages
  • Order bumps
  • Multiple fulfillment page options
  • Proof widget to increase conversions
  • Tracking links for products and pages

Samcart Features

  • Front end and back end product capability  
  • Can create multiple price points for each product
  • Can create recurring and installement payments
  • Multiple payment options and load balancing
  • Comprehensive affiliate management
  • Customizable checkout pages
  • Order bumps
  • Multiple fulfillment page options
  • No proof widget
  • Tracking links for products and pages

GrooveSell Pros and Cons

No digital sales platform is ever perfect and if someone claims that to be so, then they're lying. The following pros and cons of GrooveSell will give you further insight into the system and its features.


  • Creating a new product funnel with its own products is as easy as following the creation tabs across the top of the screen. Each step is a simple, fill-in-the-blanks approach which creates a fast product and funnel sequence set up 
  • Groovesell integrates with most of the Groove system enabling you to run GrooveSell funnels with things like Groovepages landing pages and the GrooveMail app for example 
  • One of the best pros of GrooveSell is that you can get it free. It doesn't cost you anything to get this powerful platform when you get a free Groove account
  • GrooveSell is constantly being updated and improved 


  • You need to know what landing pages, thank you pages, price points and other elements you'll need for your funnel before you start. Otherwise you might get half way through the creation process and have to stop to create something you need  
  • While not steep, the learning curve is still something that takes a bit of time when you start to integrate GrooveSell with the rest of Groove. Once done however, it's easy to reproduce for new products 
  • Due to the size of the Groove system, GrooveSell can be misunderstood or over-looked as to its correct application. Some people who have it, don't actually realise how powerful it is or how to use it
  • The GrooveSell training can go quickly out of date due to regular system updates 

GrooveSell Review 2021 Conclusion

GrooveSell is a powerful digital sales platform that is suitable for a wide variety of digital products.

For most people, GrooveSell will provide more than they need as a platform to sell and/or deliver their digital products to their customers. Nearly everything you need to sell digital products is available within the application and so it will fulfill most needs.

For those who are looking for "all-in-one" systems, that don't require either internal or external integration to other systems, then they might find that GrooveSell only satisfies half the equation.

The offset to this of course, is that GrooveSell can be accessed for free and because of its power, it will satisfy even the pickiest person.

About the Author Aaron Parker

Aaron is an SEO, a precious metals investor, a messenger marketer and a long time high ticket affiliate marketer who began his "career" in the pre-floppy disk days of the mid 80's. He's seen it all and done it all and is still learning. His driving ambition is to help as many people and businesses as possible to prosper and profit.

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