The Entrepreneur Dream Platform

A Complete Affiliate Marketing System

Once in a lifetime an affiliate marketing system like The Entrepreneur Dream Platform comes along that replaces all other systems, giving you total control of your business.
That time is now.

EDP Benefits

Let me count the ways. I mean, seriously, the Entrepreneur Dream Platform (EDP) is like nothing you've ever seen before. But let's look at the top 3 benefits first.

Everything in One Place

EDP leaves nothing out. Every affiliate marketing tool you'll ever need is in the system. And more will be added.

Unlimited Training

There's training within the system, and training FOR the system, so you're never left wondering how to operate.

Never Out of Date

EDP doesn't stand still. As needs and the market changes, so does EDP. You always have the latest tech at hand.

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform Easy Benefit

The Biggest Benefit of All

Without question, the biggest benefit of the Entrepreur Dream Program is that it makes affiliate marketing easier. If you're new to this type of marketing, then you may not be aware that it takes a lot of "moving parts" to bring an affiliate campaign together. EDP has everything you need (and then some) in one place, plus you're given many of the assets you would need for your business so you don't have to build everything from scratch. That is a tremendous time and money saver.


The EDP System Overview

To give you an idea of the scope of EDP, let's dive into an overview and brief description of the inner workings, as well as the additional features you receive by being an EDP member.


Right from the start you are guided by the Launchpad to get set up with the things you most immediately need.


The dashboard gives you a birdseye view of your activity and outcomes based on your personal setup.


Every interaction you have with any of your contacts is recorded in the conversation section. This is pure gold.


You can set up and use calendars as appointment setters, or for your own personal management.


All your contact information is here plus the ability to interact with them, manage them and market to them.


You can set up and track where a contact is in their buying journey with you. This is totally customizable.


Here you can track payments made to you or payments you need to make for your business.


Social posts, email campaigns, even managing your own affiliates is possible in this section of the system.


The heart and sole of the system that takes manual processes and lets you automate them.


The place where you build new, and modify existing pages, funnels, websites and a whole lot more.


Want to manage how you receive and use reviews for your products or sites? You can do it here.


Currently set up to track any Google or Facebook ad campaigns you run, plus any client call reporting you do.

Bonus EDP System Components


You have access to a complete webinar platform that allows you to create your own webinars to help promote your affiliate programs. This includes replay options and so much more.


The EDP training platform is a separate training site where all existing and new trainings are added to help you learn, build and promote your affiliate business. Everything is included. 

Built-in AI

Artificial Intelligence is growing into its own beast and you get it all built-in to EDP. Simply click on the AI menu item to help you create any type of content you need for your marketing funnels.

Mastermind Group

You can join the EDP Mastermind group and get access directly to Todd and other marketers to take your business to the next level.

Email Dashboard

This is pure gold. You can monitor all your email marketing efforts to ensure you get 100% deliverability, and fix it if you have issues. 

Help Files

EDP has its own help file system that you can access for quick instructions on how to use features or menu items. 

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform In-Depth

The Launchpad

When you first log in to the platform, you work through the Launchpad to set up the features you need. In EDP, you can set up both physical and online businesses.

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform Launchpad

Connect Properties

If you use EDP to create your whole business website, then you can connect Google and Facebook properties directly to the site. If you're only going to use landing pages, you may not need these.

Communication and Payments

You can set up a chat widget that you can add to any page within EDP, and if you're going to accept payments from people, for example, paid-in opt-ins, then you can connect a Stripe account.

Website Migration and Teams

If you have an existing Wordpress website and you want to move it to EDP's hosting you can. You can also set up access for team members if you use virtual or physical assistants.

The Dashboard

The dashboard comes alive as your business grows. This also depends on what elements of the EDP system you use. For example, if you are selling high-ticket items then you're probably going to set up a pipeline that enables you to track your prospects along your funnel. The dashboard will show you how your pipeline is progressing. The list on the right highlights the elements you can tack in the dashboard. It may be that you never use this feature because of the style of affiliate business you run. But it's there if you need it.

  • Opportunities - e.g, New Lead, Hot Lead, Final Sale
  • Pipeline Value - e.g, Sales Value
  • Conversion Rate - Between Open, Closed and Lost
  • The Funnel Used - You can view Multiple Funnels
  • The Distribution Stage - Determined per Funnel
  • Manual Actions - Phone Calls, SMS
  • Tasks - Assigned, Completed, Waiting


I wish I could show you the whole screen but I can't due to keeping data private. You can see from the headers however, that there's lots you can do in this section.

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform Conversations Tab

Conversations & Manual Actions

These tabs let you see all you conversations (All, Recent, Starred and Unread) and lets you set Manual Actions on Contacts such as schedule phone calls or send SMS's (if you've set that up).


Imagine you have the same conversation for certain products or promotions. You can create templates for those conversations so that you don't have to repeat yourself. EDP is all about automation.

Trigger Links

Trigger links are cool. They allow you to put links inside SMS messages and emails, which allow you to track specific customer actions and trigger events based on when the link is clicked.


The calendar system in EDP can basically be described as Calendly on steroids. You can set up multiple calendars (maybe for particular purposes, like onboarding processes) or for people, such as team members. Every calendar entry ties in to your conversations and contact files, so that you have multiple access points throughout the system.

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform Calendar Tab


This is another section where I have to blur out a few things. But you can see that the first menu item is called Smart Lists. These are the backbone of your contact files. All contacts end up in the main smart list and then you put them into lists that you create, such as my Toolkit one, based on how you tag the contact. The icons above the contact names represent all the actions you can perform on contacts.

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform Contact Tab

Smart Lists

Creating a smart list is as easy as filtering out the contacts based on a tag(s) and then giving that filtered content a name. Then you can market to that list separately to your overall list.

Bulk Actions and Restore

As the name suggests, you can perform bulk actions (like deletes, SMS, email etc) and the action willbe stored here for later reference. The restore feature lets you reverse an action. Like a contact deletion.

Tasks and Company

Tasks are where you can see every task you've set for a contact, and modify it as necessary. The company area lets you see your contacts in company name order, if that's something you've set up.

Opportunities and Pipelines

A Pipeline in EDP is a series of steps or actions that you can assign to your contacts so that you can monitor their progress through a sales funnel. In the case below you can see 5 steps have been created in this example pipeline (where we assume a lead turns into a physical phone call or webinar/conference booking). The Opportunities in EDP refers to the contacts themselves (an opportunity) and where they are placed in the pipeline. You can assign a stage at the time of contact creation or move them about by dragging and dropping or changing the stage within the contact record at any time. as you moce them about, any dollar values and other attributes assigned to the contact will update in your dashboard.

The Opportunities and Pipelines Tab


If you run a physical business, or your affiliate business is based on products that your personally have created (and thus get up to 100% of the profits), you can use the payments tab to keep track of incomings and outgoings. 

The Payments Tab

Invoices - Transactions

The first 4 sub tabs help you keep track of all your invoices, orders, subscriptions and transactions related to your products. What you see here will depend on the products you've set up in the system.

Products and Coupons

There are a number of places to set up products within EDP but this is the central area. You create products and then attach them to the sales and order pages you create in the Sites section.

Tax Setting and Integrations

Your tax settings will depend on your local laws and you can add al the different tax levels here as they apply to invoices and payments. Integrations is where you connect your system to Stripe/Paypal etc.

The EDP Marketing Centre In-Depth


The Marketing Centre comprises a number of tabs where the first is actually called Marketing. The rest will follow below. This is the meat and potatoes section of EDP where you create all the moving parts (sites, automations, etc) that comprise your affiliate marketing (or physical) business. As stated earlier, the major benefit of EDP is that everything is in one place and your marketing simply becomes easier. NOTE: The Affiliate Manager. You have a complete affiliate mangement system in EDP.

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform Marketing Tab

Social Planner

This is brilliant. Create all your social posts for the week/month and then just schedule them to go out when you want to whatever connected social sites you have. It's an absolute time saver extraordinaire.

Emails and Templates

You use this area when sending "broadcast" style emails. That is, not automations that are triggered by sign ups or tags. You can create email templates or simply duplicate past emails. You can also schedule emails.

Trigger Links

Trigger links are the same here as under the Conversations. They allow you to put links inside SMS messages and emails, track specific customer actions and trigger events based on when the link is clicked.


The automations area is where you create all the "workflows" that you want people to go through based on a specific action you have set up. For example, you can base a workflow on someone opting in to a form. You can also set any number of other triggers such as when they are assigned a tag, or conduct a certain action. There are too many to name here. Suffice to say, you will not be left without an option.

  • Workflows - Create, Modify, Duplicate, Track
  • Content AI - Manage AI Generated Content
  • Campaigns - Small or Large Customer Aquisition
  • Triggers - Set Up Triggers To Fire On Actions


A lot happens on this tab. It's where you set up all the "assets" that you'll use in your business, from full-blown websites (if needed) through to landing pages, forms, media/images and of course, funnels. As you can see from below, you can have multiple funnels in each folder. The Clickbank offers for example which you get as an EDP member currently has 55 separate funnels. Each one relates to a different Clickbank product. All funnels, pages, sites etc can be duplicated and used anywhere throughout the system. All funnels collect stats, can have analytics, their own images/favicons and urls.

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform Sites Tab

Funnels - Wordpress

A funnel could simply be one page (opt-in) or a series of pages connected by actions. Most of the work is done through funnels, but you can also build full websites, blogs and host existing Wordpress sites in EDP.

Memberships - Surveys

You have all the functionality to set up Membership sites as well as build forms and surveys that can be used anywhere in the system, on any of your sites/funnels. Once built, always accessible.

Chat Widget - URL Redirects

You can add a chat widget on a site. Conversations end up in the Conversations tab connected to a contact (chats initiate contact creation). You can store media and have URL Redirects on all site/funnel urls.

Reputation Management and Reporting

I'm covering two tabs here because you may/may not use them depending on your business. The Reputation Tab is all about collecting reviews and managing them. You can look at review invitations, acceptances, trends, ratings and sentiment to help track how your site is progressing. The Reporting tab is mainly for Google and Facebook advertising performance (see below) but you also have sub-tabs for Call Reporting and Agent Reporting which helps you keep track of yourself or your team in terms of their success rates in closing sales and/or appointments.

Reputation and Reporting Tab

Additional Menu Items

Additional Menu Items

At the time of writing, there were 6 additional menu items available in the Entrepreneur Dream Platform. The Onboarding item is something you'll follow when you first join and involves a process of both online and offline proceses (such as a call with Todd) to help you get completely set up and ensure you've worked through the Launchpad. The Help Centre and Support requests should be self-explanatory while the Webinars and Mastermind Group are two extras you can set up. Webinars is simply a case of getting an additional login for that system while the Mastermind Group is Todd's VIP paid group (you can get 2 weeks free upon first joining EDP). The Dream Training Platform is a link to take you out to the "other" side of the EDP system which contains all the training videos and other material for helping you succeed.

Email Dashboard and AI Generator

I can't actually show you the Email Dashboard because it is proprietary software. But what I can tell you is that once you see it, you'll never want to look at another autoresponder's system again because they just don't compare. You don't just get "surface" data, you get the whole box and dice about what's happening with your emails. Mind-blowing!

The AI Generator on the other hand is totally worth talking about and showing. Just think of all the things you've heard lately about what you can do with AI systems and it's in here, except you have many of the propmpts already created for you for things like blog posts right through to full sales page copy. It's awesome, that's all I gotta say, and you can access it at any time and from a number of areas within EDP. 

The Entrepreneur Dream Platform AI Generator Tab

Multiple AI Prompts

There are currently 19 different prompts you can use for creating content from simple Twitter posts right through to video scripts, email copy and sales page copy.

Step-by-Step Process

Each prompt takes you through a step-by-step process to create the content. It'll ask you questions, give you choices for length, type etc and then give you the output.

Rewrite Capability

Take something you've already created with this AI, (or any other text you have) and follow the questions to get it rewritten until you have a better version.

Joining The Entrepreneur Dream Platform

For any affiliate marketer who is serious about building a long-term, profit-making business, you could do a lot worse than becoming a member of the Entrepreneur Dream Platform. If you think it's the type of product that you'll join just to grab an affiliate link to promote then I think you'll be sorely disappointed. Todd Snively, the man who created this beast, does not want just anybody promoting his program. He wants people who are committed to building an affiliate marketing lifestyle. And if you're honest with yourself and you DO want to build that lifestyle, then this program is for you. It has everything you need.

Signing Up

Obviously, you need to sign up, but my advice is to watch Todd's training first. Click the big button below.

Prepare Yourself

Be ready to work through the set up procedure methodically to ensure the best set up for you.

Book The Call

During the set up, Todd will call you to discuss your goals and desires. Take this call. It's a game-changer.

There are affiliate links in this page, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will be compensated if you click through and take action. This website is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. 


Do I Have To Pay Anything Extra?

You can't run an online business where you are promoting different products without at least buying domains to attach your sales funnels to. On average, domains sell from between $5 to $20 per year depending on where you buy them. How many you may need depends on you. The bottom line is, if you're going to become an online marketer, you will need to spend money on various aspects of your business. With EDP, the bulk of your spend is over and done with by simply becoming a member. So much is included that you would pay for elsewhere that it's not funny.

Do I Need To Pay For Hosting?

Any site/funnel you create in EDP can be hosted for free with EDP. This is a huge money saver. And it's super easy too. There's a setting to point your funnels at your domains. Takes a couple fo seconds to do. Very easy.

How Much Time Does This Business Require?

1 or 2 hours per day. That is the bare minimum you can put in. On some days you may only work for 15-20 minutes per day when monitoring a campaign for example. And that's the beauty of this, once you learn and understand the system, you can work as much or as little as you want because it's all automated.

Can I Import My Clickfunnels Sites Into EDP?

Yes, any funnels that you have in Clickfunnels can be one click imported into the Entrepreneurs Dream Platform. You must import each step of the funnel one at a time, but a three or four-page funnel can be imported in five minutes. You cannot import funnels, but they can easily be recreated. It's super easy to recreate almost any landing page you can imagine.

Is There A Refund Policy?

There is NOT. Please understand that a team of 300 people is supporting this platform in the background to ensure it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Todd will be spending the time to onboard every one of you. This program is designed to scale revenue as your mailing list grows. We will regularly add new opportunities, landing pages, funnels, web pages, email sequences, and automation for your benefit. You have all the support you will need to overcome ANY obstacle with this system and platform and become successful, even if you've struggled before.

How Quick Is It To Get My First Funnel Working?

It's just editing the links to contain your affiliate link. Right now, they either have Todd's or no affiliate attached, so you will want to make sure the links are correct and any other personalization, like your name at the end and stuff like that. The training, especially the initial group coaching calls, will show you how to do all of that, and it's really easy.

What About Emails and Autoresponders?

Sending emails, texts, phone calls, voicemail messages, chat widgets, etc are all built into this platform. You do not need to pay for other services like MailChimp, LeadPages, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Twilio, ClickFunnels,, other page builders, autoresponders, etc. After a certain limit is reached, currently 2,500 emails per month for example (which you have free credits for), you will be charged $0.002025 per email. $10 should allow you to send out almost 5,000 emails.

Is This For Affiliate Marketers Only?

Not at all. You have the capability to run your physical business with this system and other business models such as membership sites. The versatility built into the Entrepreneur Dream Platform is astounding. There's really nothing like it.