In this Groovepages review we will explore the pros and cons of this new landing page/website building software so that you can determine whether it's right for you and your business.

Groovepages Review Update 2022: Groovepages (or simply, Groove as it is now known) has undergone some major updates since this review was posted. In short, it's much better, both from a user point of view and a technical point of view.

The two biggest differences are the interface, and the payment structure. The one-time payment is now gone and has been replaced by a monthly subscription system of varying amounts. The free version is still...FREE.

So the first question we need to ask is...

What Is GroovePages?

GroovePages is a drag and drop page builder, built around the concept of using blocks and elements to help you build websites and landing pages quickly, without having to know how to code.

For example, starting with a blank page, you can drag in a header block, which might contain a section for your top menu. Then you might add a text element to add some additional text to that block.

After that you might drag a call-to-action block, then a paragraph text block, then a picture carousel and then a footer block.

Bingo, you've basically built a webpage/landing page that just needs you to modify the default text, colours, images and then add the links to other sites or pages such as to an affiliate offer for example.

It's that easy.

What's even easier however, is using one of the many pre-built landing pages that come with GroovePages that are beautifully designed and laid-out to suit any number of needs you might have, such as a home page, a local business landing page, a sales page or whatever.

Once again, all you need to do is modify it to suit your own needs. The layout and design has all been done.

New Groove Dashboard Layout

The most notable thing in the new layout is the dropdown menu that appears when you scroll over the big G icon at the top left of the sceen. This makes access to all the module so much easier. There is also a bar across the top as well.

Groovepages Review New Site Layout

Is GroovePages The Same As GrooveFunnels?


GroovePages is a PART of GrooveFunnels. In fact GrooveFunnels itself has been renamed simply to Groove, to better reflect the entire suite of Groove applications.

The change has made it easier to understand Groove as a whole. GrooveFunnels will now become a funnel design application so that you can "see" what you're building before you build it.

GroovePages is the page builder application WITHIN Groove.

GroovePages allows you to build your websites and landing pages and then connect them to any of the other applications within Groove, such as GrooveMail for your email capture or GrooveWebinar to run your webinars which send people to your landing pages.

It can also integrate with any number of external applications if you didn't want to use the Groove applications.

For example, you might want to use an email autoresponder like Active Campaign instead of using GrooveMail. You have the versatility to do this.

That means, you can use GroovePages as a stand-alone application for your page building needs. This will usually cost you somewhere around $497.00 for the unlimited version where you can build any number of websites you like.

Right now however, you can get a limited version of GroovePages (which allows you to build 3 complete websites), as well as the GrooveSell application (that enables you to sell digital products) and GrooveAffiliate (which lets you earn commissions from Groove AND create your own affiliate platform) and it's available now FOR LIFE, for FREE.

Yes, for FREE. Sign up here for a free Groove account and never pay a cent ever. You even get free hosting for your sites and pages with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

How Fast Do GroovePages Sites Load?

The pages built with GroovePages are uploaded to the web as direct .html code, therefore there is no "bloat" in loading as you would find on sites built with WordPress and other similar systems.

The pages don't have to render like they would in other funnels systems or with other content management systems. I can't go into all the details and specs of that in this Groovepages review as it would simply get too technical. Just know that it's FAST.

That means there is no need to worry about uptime or slow load times which can affect your SEO and ads costs.

GroovePages sites load faster, or as fast as any page on the internet. It also uses the latest “Mobile-First Indexing” by Google. It is the only leading brand to do that.

Your pages are hosted with Amazon servers which are the best servers money can buy and you also get FREE SSL included via a free Cloudflare account.

Is GroovePages SEO Friendly?


Literally no other page builder builds a lighter, more perfect code. Of course, it has Open Graph, site, and page SEO Title and Meta tag settings.

But it also has Image Alt tags, perfect DOM container structure, H1 through H5 tags and paragraph tags. And with the help of SEO training in the Groove Academy, you will learn how to SEO your Groovepages the correct way for maximum ranking exposure on Google.

Initially, you couldn't see whether a tag was a H1 or H2 etc, which was really annoying.

This has been fixed, as have many other small SEO factors that web designers and blog owners like to see, so now it's right up there with classic wordpress builders.

Groovepages Review Groove Digital Academy

GroovePages Training

When you create your free GroovePages account, you automatically get access to the Groove Digital Academy and you can also join the Groove Facebook Group.

Groove Digital Academy

Within the academy you can access full training on how to use GroovePages and all the other Groove suite of products.

There is training on building websites, how to integrate your site with external suppliers and how to publish your site to name a few. You also have access to Live Q & A sessions and product walk-throughs.

Regular webinars with Mike Filsaime and the other founders of Groove are also available for viewing both live, when they occur, and at your leisure on the site if you miss the live webinar.

Groove Facebook Group

The facebook group is the heart and soul of Groove. All announcements of webinars, training, and updates are announced there. You can also interact with all the other Groove members which is an invaluable source of information and inspiration.

There is also a Groove JV group for those who specifically want to become super affiliates of Groove. Very handy.

GroovePages Review Conclusion

There are elements of GroovePages that can be quite annoying because the drag and drop builder does not always run smoothly on your screen. For example, you might want to drop a block in a particular spot but it actually drops it above or below the desired position.

In saying this, it's easy to move a block up or down to reposition it where you want. 

Another gripe I would have with the software is that sometimes when it gets updated, your settings will default back to the page settings.

This doesn't mean that any formatting you applied gets removed, it simply just doesn't show what setting you had. So there can be a bit of guessing going on if you can't remember.

The upside of all this however is that Groove are constantly updating and improving their page builder and so it gets easier to use each time you revisit it.

As a viable alternative to wordpress based systems, GroovePages is definitely up there. The fact that it's only part of the whole Groove suite makes it an even better proposition.

GroovePages Walkthrough

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the software. Excuse the age of the video. The software has progressed a bit since This Groovepages Review was created but you'll still get a good overview of the entire package.

Not Sure Which Version Of Groove You Want, Free or Paid? Check them both out here.

About the Author Aaron Parker

Aaron is an SEO, a precious metals investor, a messenger marketer and a long time high ticket affiliate marketer who began his "career" in the pre-floppy disk days of the mid 80's. He's seen it all and done it all and is still learning. His driving ambition is to help as many people and businesses as possible to prosper and profit.

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